First Time With A Ts

First Time With A TS: An Erotic Sex Story

It had always been a fantasy of mine to experience something different from my usual encounters in the bedroom. Though I enjoyed the pleasure of having sex with women, I had always been curious as to what it would feel like to have an encounter with another man. Little did I know that my curiosity would eventually lead me to my first experience with a TS, or a transgender woman.

It was a hot summer day, and I was feeling particularly adventurous. I had heard rumors of a few brothels in the city that catered to people looking for something different, and I was determined to find them. After doing some research online and making a few phone calls, I eventually found my way to one of these establishments.

Upon entering the brothel, I was immediately taken aback by the sheer amount of TS workers in the building. There were women of all shapes and sizes, some dressed in lingerie, others wearing nothing at all. I had never seen anything like it, and it was a truly exhilarating experience.

I immediately began to scan the room, looking for someone who might be the perfect match for me. After a few moments, my gaze settled on one particular worker. She had long brown hair, a curvaceous body, and a beautiful, angelic face. She was the perfect TS for me, and I knew that I had to have her.

Without hesitation, I approached the woman and asked her if she was available for the evening. She smiled and nodded, telling me that she was indeed open to spending some time with me. I was overjoyed, and I asked her to accompany me to one of the private rooms in the back.

We entered the room, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The room was decorated with a beautiful array of colors, with candles lit on all sides, creating the perfect atmosphere for what I was about to experience. I was anxious and excited, but my TS companion was calm and poised, seemingly ready to take on whatever I had in store for her.

My companion and I began to undress and explore each other’s bodies. I was mesmerized by her curves and felt myself becoming aroused with each passing moment. We embraced and kissed, her lips soft and inviting. I could already feel myself becoming lost in the moment, and I knew that I had to take things to the next level.

We moved from the bed to the floor, our bodies entwined as we explored each other with our tongues and hands. I let my hands wander, my fingertips grazing her soft skin, eliciting moans of pleasure from her lips. She responded eagerly, her hips rocking against mine as we moved closer to the climax we both desired.

I took her from behind, my thrusts hard and deep as I explored her tight ass and pussy. She screamed in pleasure, her tight walls gripping me as we moved together in perfect harmony. We moved faster, our bodies slick with sweat as our desire for one another grew.

Finally, the moment arrived, and I felt her orgasm ripple through her body. I followed shortly afterwards, my own orgasm taking me to new heights of ecstasy. We lay there in a tangled mess, our bodies intertwined as we shared a moment of pleasure.

When we finally managed to separate, I felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. I had just experienced my first time with a TS, and it was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I knew that this was only the beginning of my journey into the world of transgender sex, and I couldn’t wait to explore even more.