Face Sitting Pass Out

Mary had been searching for a way to break the monotony of her daily life for a while now, and a friend of hers had recently suggested face-sitting pass out as the perfect solution. She was hesitant at first – it sounded intimidating and a little strange, but the friend had promised her that it would be the most exciting sexual experience of her life, and Mary was not one to pass up an opportunity like that.

So, after some planning and research, Mary decided to give it a try. She had read up on the proper techniques, and was confident that she knew exactly what to do. She had ordered some special lingerie for the occasion, and was anxious and excited for her upcoming experience.

When the night of the tryst had arrived, Mary felt a thrill of anticipation as she arrived at her chosen escort’s house. The door opened, and she was greeted by a tall, beautiful woman wearing a sheer nightgown, who smiled warmly and invited her in.

Mary was a little taken aback at first, but the woman’s warmth put her instantly at ease, and she followed her into the bedroom. In the soft candlelight, the two women embraced, and Mary let the sensations wash over her.

The escort began by kissing Mary passionately, and then slowly moved down to her neck, her breasts, and then her belly, using her hands to caress Mary’s body until she was ready. Mary felt weak in the knees with pleasure, and as the escort moved further south, Mary found herself trembling with anticipation.

The escort then moved between Mary’s legs and began to lick and suck her clitoris, using her expert tongue and fingers to make Mary moan with pleasure. Mary felt like she was in a trance, and before long she found herself on the edge of orgasm.

Just as Mary was about to reach her peak, the escort asked her if she was ready to try face-sitting pass out. Mary was confused, but the escort explained that this was a new way to experience sexual pleasure – instead of continuing to climax, the goal was to hold back and prolong the experience, to the point where Mary would pass out from the pleasure.

Mary had never heard of that before, but it sounded intriguing. She reluctantly agreed, and the escort continued the pleasure, but this time focused more on massaging and teasing than intense stimulation. Mary found the sensation to be indescribably pleasurable, and before long she began to feel her consciousness slipping away.

Mary awoke to find herself lying in bed next to the escort, with a smile on her face. She felt relaxed and content, and more alive than ever before. She thanked the escort for the experience, and the escort smiled and said that it was her pleasure.

Mary knew that she had just experienced something special, and she could not wait to return. She thanked the escort once again and made her way home, eager to tell her friends about her incredible new experience.

The next morning, Mary woke with a newfound appreciation for life – and sex. She was filled with a deep sense of satisfaction, and knew that this was just the beginning of her new journey of exploration. She looked forward to trying more new things and experiencing even greater levels of pleasure. She had definitely found her new favorite way to experience sex: Face-sitting Pass Out.