Escort Seven Sister

Escort Seven Sister

Sixteen-year-old Escort Seven Sister was already living a life far from the ordinary. Born in Cebu City in the Philippines, her parents had given her their blessing to pursue her dreams of becoming an escort on the condition that she be a model of integrity, always putting the safety of her clients first.

Seven Sister was no stranger to the sex industry. She had been working as a freelance escort for three years, ever since she turned thirteen. During her time as an escort, she learned the value of discretion, gaining an appreciation for discretion that she would carry through the rest of her life.

At first, she worked as an independent escort. But shortly after turning sixteen, she decided to join a high-end escort agency called “The Seven Sisters”. The agency had been in business for over twenty years, with a solid reputation amongst its clients.

The Seven Sisters was more than just an escort agency, however. It also acted as a sort of support group for the young women who worked at the agency. There, they could find solace in each other, sharing their experiences and worries in a safe and supportive environment.

Escort Seven Sister was given her own room at the agency and she quickly became used to the pampered lifestyle. She was provided with her own bed, a dresser and closet for her clothing, and a private bathroom for her use.

Always immaculately dressed, Seven Sister’s appearance was one of the reasons why she was so popular amongst her clients. To those who were unaware of her true profession, she could easily pass as an elegant ballet dancer, with her long dark hair, flawless olive skin, and graceful figure.

She enjoyed the freedom that came along with the work, being able to travel the world, visit exotic locations, and meet interesting people. She also liked the fact that she was able to set her own schedule and make her own decisions about what kind of services she wanted to offer.

In addition to being an escort, Seven Sister also worked as an adult entertainer. This allowed her to fulfill her other passion, dancing. She would often be booked to perform at high-end parties, strip clubs, and other places around town.

Seven Sister found that she was in high demand, especially among the wealthy and powerful. Being able to experience the finer things in life was an added bonus, as she was able to make enough money to provide for her family back in the Philippines.

One afternoon, Escort Seven Sister found herself on a luxurious yacht with a wealthy client, being treated to a lavish dinner and drinks. They had just finished their meal and the conversation turned to more naughty topics.

The client had made it clear that he wanted to have some fun and Seven Sister was happy to oblige. She took him to the back of the yacht, where they made out and explored each other’s bodies until the sun began setting.

As the night drew to a close, the client decided he wanted to take things further and Seven Sister did not have any objections. In the privacy of his cabin, they engaged in an unforgettable night of unforgettable, passionate sex.

When the night was over, the client thanked Seven Sister profusely, telling her that it had been one of the most pleasurable experiences of his life. As a token of his appreciation, he presented her with a large sum of money, enough for her to live off for a while.

Moreover, he became a loyal repeat customer of Seven Sister, returning to her for multiple pleasures in the years to come. Little did he know, his actions would be a major turning point in Seven Sister’s life.

After a few years of working as an escort, and reveling in the life of luxury that came with it, Seven Sister decided to take a break. She moved back home to the Philippines and started a business that catered to the needs of other escorts.

Using her own funds, she opened an adult entertainment business. At her complex, escorts could find everything they needed, including luxurious suites and private rooms, as well as professional advice, support, and guidance.

Seven Sister’s business quickly became successful, and she had no qualms about her decision to switch careers. She often thought back to the time she spent as an escort and the lessons she learned, but in the end, she was happy with the choices she had made.

Escort Seven Sister had come a long way from her humble beginnings in Cebu City. Her journey had taken her on many unexpected paths, but each one had given her the knowledge and strength she needed to become the independent and successful woman she was today.