Emma Watson Spank

It all started when Emma Watson decided to take a break from her studies at the university. Her life had become so boring and monotonous that she needed something to spice it up. She had heard of a place where a lot of people went to get their kinky fantasies fulfilled. After a few hours of thinking, she finally decided to visit the infamous spanking club and see what it was really like.

She arrived at the club just after midnight, wearing a sexy little black dress and her highest heels. As she stepped through the door, she felt a rush of excitement as every eye in the room seemed to be locked on her. She blushed a little and made her way to the bar, where she decided to order a martini to calm her nerves.

The martini had barely hit her lips before a tall, handsome man appeared beside her. He had an air of confidence about him that made her heart flutter. He introduced himself as Brad and said he wanted to buy her a drink. She took his offer and they began to chat. After some time, they eventually decided they wanted to take things even further.

Brad suggested they head to a private room in the back, and Emma was more than happy to go along with the idea. She followed him through the winding corridors of the club and eventually arrived at a room with a large bed in the middle. Brad closed the door and the two of them began to explore each other’s bodies.

He started off by caressing her skin, gradually increasing the pressure of his touches until it was bordering on painful. She loved the sensation and soon found herself begging for more. Brad was more than happy to oblige, and soon he was spanking her with a firm hand. She could feel the sensations shooting through her body and it made her moan with pleasure.

The spanking continued for some time before Brad flipped her onto her stomach and started to massage her buttocks. His hands were strong and gentle as they kneaded her flesh, eventually lingering in her crack and sending tingles of pleasure throughout her body.

He then worked his way up her body, trailing kisses and licks as he went. He finally settled in between her legs and began to lap at her already slick pussy. She moaned in pleasure as his tongue skillfully pleasured her most intimate area.

After he’d made her come twice with his talented tongue, he moved up and began to kiss her neck and breasts as he positioned himself between her thighs. With one swift movement, he entered her, filling her with pleasure as she gasped for breath.

Emma wrapped her legs around Brad’s waist as he started to thrust into her with a steady rhythm. His large cock felt incredible inside as she clenched her muscles around him, wanting to feel every inch of him. The pleasure was too much and before long, she felt the orgasm wash over her.

They both lay there panting and trying to catch their breath. Emma couldn’t believe how amazing it had been. She had never felt pleasure like that before. She thanked Brad and got dressed so she could head home.

The next day, Emma couldn’t stop thinking about the spanking club. She decided she wanted to go back. This time she would be prepared and dressed in something even sexier. She grabbed her phone and booked an appointment with Brad for an hour-long session of spanking and pleasure.

When she arrived, she was met by Brad and his assistant, who quickly made her feel at ease. They started off by spanking her, which she loved. Brad was a real pro when it came to spanking and soon she was blushing and feeling aroused.

After that, they moved onto more intimate activities. Brad’s assistant started off with kissing her neck and nipples before Brad positioned himself between her legs and took her to paradise. Emma had never felt pleasure like this in her life and the sensation was overwhelming.

Once they had finished, Emma thanked both Brad and his assistant and made her way home with a huge smile on her face. From then on, she was a regular at the spanking club and her friends were always surprised to hear her stories of the amazing things she’d experienced. She loved being able to let go and be naughty, and the spanking club gave her just that.