Emma Watson Cum Facial

Emma Watson had always been an adventurous woman, but when her beloved boyfriend suggested something a little out of the ordinary she couldn’t help but be intrigued.

The idea was a cum facial, something she had never really heard of before. She knew what a facial was but this sounded different. Her boyfriend explained that a cum facial consisted of her partner coming all over her face, with her being allowed to touch it and rub it into her skin.

At first, the thought made Emma feel a bit uncomfortable. But, eventually, she got more and more curious about the idea. When her boyfriend asked if she wanted to try it, she quickly agreed.

That night, Emma and her boyfriend got into the bedroom and proceeded to undress each other. Emma had never felt so aroused in her life. Her boyfriend started to massage her body all over, before planting gentle kisses all over her. She felt her heart racing as her body filled with pleasure.

He then proceeded to give her a deep, passionate blowjob. With each stroke of his tongue, Emma felt as though she was being taken to new heights of pleasure.

When they finally got to the really naughty stuff, Emma was more than ready. Her boyfriend moved away from her, telling her to just lay back and close her eyes. As she did, she felt her body melting into the sheets, powerless.

He started to run his hands all over her body, exploring and caressing her, before finally descending between her legs. Moving his tongue in circles, he kissed and licked her, sending shivers up and down her spine.

Emma felt as if she was about to experience the most intense orgasm of her life. With her eyes still closed, she felt her partner move away from her and heard him start to breathing faster and faster.

She felt his hot semen land on her face, the sensation adding to her pleasure. Emma opened her eyes and could see her partner’s semen dripping down her face. She ran her finger through it and started to rub it all over her face, feeling the way it felt on her skin.

The sensation was incredible and Emma felt as if she was in a state of euphoria. Her partner lay down beside her, admiring the way she had embraced the experience, and the two of them shared a passionate kiss.

The night only got better from then on, with Emma and her partner exploring each other’s bodies in more and more intimate ways. By the end of the night, Emma felt as if her body was on fire and her partner had taken her to a new level of pleasure.

She was so happy that she had allowed herself to experience this new sexual adventure, and she couldn’t wait to try it again.