Deposits Redux

Deposits Redux: An Erotic Sex Story

Joel had known his friend’s wife, Thalia, for a few years now. She had always been an attractive and seductive woman. He had fantasized about her in the past and made advances to her whenever he could. This time though, something was different. Thalia was more bold and brazen – she had become more confident in her sexuality and was not afraid to let it show. It was clear she wanted something more than just a casual conversation.

Joel had been feeling restless lately, and Thalia’s presence provided him with some much-needed relief. He couldn’t help but get lost in her eyes and her curves, and his imagination began to wander. He wanted to take things further with her, and he knew that she felt the same way.

She pulled him closer and their bodies melted together. Her lips pressed against his, and his hands moved to her hips. She moaned softly as his hands caressed her body, exploring every curve and crevasse. He wanted to take her right there and then, but he controlled himself.

His mind took him to a fantasy world as he imagined what it would feel like to be with her. He wanted to make love to her, to feel her body against his, to kiss and caress every inch of her. He wanted her to feel pleasure like she had never felt before.

He pulled away and gently brushed her hair away from her face. She opened her eyes and looked into his, and the intensity of their connection left them both speechless. Joel whispered in her ear, telling her how much he wanted her and how much pleasure he could give her.

She smiled and nodded her head in agreement, and he led her to the bedroom. The room was dark and comfortable, and the bed was covered in satin sheets. Thalia lay down on the bed and waited for Joel to join her.

He kissed her again and explored her body with his hands. He caressed her breasts and she moaned softly as he touched her. His hands moved down to her hips, teasing and pressing her in all the right places. She was ready for him and he could feel it.

Joel moved on top of her, pressing his body against hers. His hands moved down to her hips, pushing them against his hardness. He kissed her neck and his breathing grew heavier as his arousal increased. He wanted her, now – he was ready to take her to new heights of pleasure.

He moved his hands up her body, exploring every inch of her with his fingertips. She moaned louder as his hands moved between her legs. He pushed his fingers inside her and felt her body quiver with pleasure.

They moved in perfect unison as Joel pushed deeper and deeper inside her. Thalia wrapped her arms around him, embracing him with her love. With each thrust, Joel felt a little closer to bliss. He kissed her and moved faster, pushing her to the brink of pleasure.

She screamed out his name and he felt her body tense around him. As her orgasm hit, his own followed and they both shuddered and shook with pleasure. They lay together, panting, and Thalia smiled at him as they recovered.

Joel had never felt such ecstasy before, and he knew that this wouldn’t be their last time together. He had made a deposit to her pleasure bank, and he intended to make regular withdrawals.