Daughters Best Friend And Her Mum Too

Mommy’s Little Helper: An Erotic Sex Story About a Daughter’s Best Friend and Her Mom

When Maria’s friend Toni came to stay with her family for the summer, she thought that it was going to be a regular, boring summer. Little did she know that her best friend and her mom had something special hidden up their sleeves. It was something naughty, something erotic, and something that would change Maria’s life forever.

When Maria got home from school, she was surprised to find that her best friend Toni had arrived early and was already unpacking her bags in Maria’s bedroom. Maria had been so excited for weeks to be reunited with her best friend and quickly raced over to hug her tightly as soon as she entered the room. After catching up on all the gossip and laughing together until their stomachs hurt, Maria finally noticed the naughty glint in Toni’s eyes as she asked her if she was ready to have some fun.

Toni wasted no time in leading Maria to her mother’s bedroom. She quickly explained that her mother had tasked them both with the job of decorating her bedroom while she was away, and that they were going to have to get very creative in order to make her happy. Maria was immediately intrigued and excited to get started.

Toni began by stripping off her clothes and leading Maria to the closet. As soon as it was opened, Maria’s eyes widened in surprise. Inside was an array of sex toys, lingerie, and even a few pieces of PVC clothing. As Toni began to explain everything, her hand delicately moved up Maria’s inner thigh before finally resting between her legs. Maria gasped as she felt how wet she was, and as Toni continued to explain the different items, her other hand began to massage Maria’s clitoris.

As Maria gasped and moaned with pleasure, she began to realize that Toni wasn’t just here to help her decorate the bedroom, she was here to help Maria explore her sexuality and learn about the power of pleasure. Before Maria knew it, Toni had her on the bed and was exploring her body in ways she had never experienced before. Maria felt her nipples tighten, her pussy swell, and she even felt a few waves of pleasure she had never experienced before.

Eventually, Toni and Maria finished their work, using the items from the closet to create an erotic atmosphere in the bedroom. Maria was astonished at how beautiful the room looked, and even more astonished that she had been part of it. As Toni and Maria lay side by side in the room, both of them exhausted from their naughty activities, Maria realized that she had never felt so close to anyone, let alone her best friend.

The next morning, Maria awoke to find that Toni had already packed up and left. She had left a note saying that they would meet up again soon, and that she had enjoyed being her “mommy’s little helper”. As Maria ate her breakfast, she felt a sense of satisfaction, knowing that she had just had an incredibly naughty and erotic experience with her best friend and her mom.