Daddy Likes It Rough And So Do I

Daddy Likes It Rough And So Do I

I’ve always been an adventurous sort in the bedroom, but when I met my new man, I knew I’d found someone who could take my kinks to a whole new level. He was an experienced Dom, and he knew exactly how to make me scream out in pleasure and pain. His name was Joe, and his dark eyes and rough hands told me that he knew exactly what I wanted, even before I asked.

We had been dating for a few weeks when I finally admitted to him that I liked it rough. He could tell I was a little embarrassed, but he put my mind at ease with his calm reassurances. He told me that he found my desire to explore the rougher side of pleasure exciting, and he was more than willing to take me there.

That night, he took me to his place and instructed me to kneel down on the bed. He then told me to take off all my clothes, and he wasted no time in exploring my body with his hands and mouth. His fingers found my most sensitive spots, and he knew how to stroke and tease them until I was writhing in pleasure.

He then surprised me by sticking his tongue inside my tight little hole. The feeling was incredible, and I could feel my body tensing up as he moved his tongue in and out of me. I squirmed under his touch, wanting more and more of the pleasure he was giving me.

As his tongue roved around my body, Joe started to pull my hair. I gasped in pleasure, not knowing what to expect. His movements became rougher, and I found myself pushing back against his hand. Then, he moved his hand to my ass, giving it a hard slap that made me moan with pleasure.

As I lay there, panting and trying to catch my breath, Joe took off his shirt. His chest was muscular and strong, and I felt my heart beating faster as he grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back. He then licked his way up my body, biting and sucking on my nipples making me squirm in delight.

The next thing I knew, he was pushing me onto the bed and telling me to get on all fours. I complied, enjoying his roughness and loving the fact that he was taking control. He then positioned himself behind me and drove his thick, hard cock inside me.

I gasped as he moved his hips, pushing deeper and deeper inside me with each thrust. His manhood filled me up in a way I’d never experienced before, and I could feel my desire rising as he pounded my ass.

I screamed out in pleasure as Joe brought me closer and closer to orgasm. His rhythm was fast and furious, and I found myself begging him to go faster and harder. Joe complied with my wishes, and soon I was screaming out his name as I reached heights of pleasure I’d never experienced before.

When we were finished, Joe pulled out and laid down beside me. I snuggled up to him, content and satisfied. I knew then that I’d found someone who could take me to the heights of pleasure that I’d been craving. Daddy likes it rough and so do I.