Daddy It Doesnt Fit

Daddy It Doesn’t Fit

I was nervous when I arrived at his door. He had sent me a message via email suggesting that I come to his house for a night of pleasure. I had no idea what to expect and I was feeling a little scared, but I was also feeling very excited. I was sure that whatever he had planned would be amazing.

When I knocked on his door, it was opened by a tall, dark, handsome man. He welcomed me with a smile and invited me inside. I entered his house, my heart pounding in anticipation. He took my hand and led me down a hallway and into his bedroom.

It was a large room with a huge bed in the center. He had lit a fire in the fireplace and the room was warm and inviting. He slowly began to undress me, caressing my body as he went. His touch was electric and I felt my entire body tingle with pleasure.

He kissed me passionately and I felt his strong hands exploring my body. His hands moved down to my hips, and I felt a strange sensation as he undid the buttons of my jeans. He slowly pulled them down, revealing my tight, white panties. As he looked at me, I felt a blush rise to my cheeks. He took my panties off and then slowly removed his own clothes.

He lay me down on the bed and I felt his body pressing against mine. His hands moved down my body, exploring every inch of me. His touch was gentle but firm and I felt my entire body tingling with pleasure. I moaned as he kissed my neck and then my breasts. He moved lower and lower, exploring every part of me.

Finally, he reached my innermost depths and I felt a sensation like no other. He teased and tantalized me until I was begging for more. He slowly inserted his fingers and I gasped as he moved them in and out of me. The sensation was overwhelming and I felt my body trembling with pleasure.

He then sat up and slowly pushed his hard cock inside me. I moaned out loud as he began to thrust in and out of me. I felt my body tighten around him and I cried out in pleasure. He moved faster and faster and I felt myself getting closer to orgasm. Finally, I felt my body shake and I screamed out as my orgasm hit me like a wave.

He pulled out of me and I lay there panting. He kissed me tenderly and then lay beside me. “That was amazing,” I whispered. “It sure was,” he replied.

He then got up and went to the bathroom. When he emerged, he was wearing a condom. This confused me at first, until I realized that he wanted to be safe. I nodded my head in agreement and he came back to the bed.

This time he entered me from behind and I gasped as he filled me up. I felt my body responding to his thrusts and I soon found myself lost in a sea of pleasure. He moved faster and faster and I felt my entire body shaking. Finally, he let out a loud groan and I felt his body tense up. I then felt an intense wave of pleasure and I cried out as my orgasm hit me.

When we were finished, he lay beside me and kissed my forehead. I smiled and thanked him for the amazing night. He smiled back and said it was his pleasure. I then went home, feeling satisfied and content.

The next day I looked in the mirror and noticed that my underwear didn’t fit quite the same way. I laughed and thought, “Daddy, it doesn’t fit!”