Cuckold Consul

Cuckold Consul is a married man who has always fantasized about sharing his wife with other men. He had been married for over 5 years now, but he still felt something was missing from his relationship. He wanted to experience something new and exciting, and he wanted to involve his wife in the experience.

One day, Cuckold Consul decided to take a step towards fulfilling his fantasies and looked for a way to spice up their relationship. He found an online forum where people discussed their sexual fantasies and talked about different ways to make them come true. He quickly felt comfortable discussing his fantasies with other people and eventually found a group of people that shared the same interest in cuckolding as him.

He joined the group and soon learned more about cuckolding and what it entailed. He was surprised to find out how common it was and how many people were into it. He learned all about different techniques and scenarios that could be used to make the experience more enjoyable.

Cuckold Consul began to plan how he was going to make his fantasies a reality. He wanted his wife to be involved in the experience, so he found an escort service that specialized in cuckolding. He was able to pick from a variety of women and choose the perfect one for him and his wife.

The day of the meeting arrived and Cuckold Consul and his wife nervously went to the designated location. When they arrived, they were greeted by a very attractive woman who welcomed them into her home. She introduced herself as Sarah and explained the rules of the game. She told them that she would be the one in charge and that they were to obey her commands.

The couple agreed and Sarah asked Cuckold Consul to strip down to his underwear while his wife watched. Once he was naked, Sarah took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. She laid him down on the bed and proceeded to tie him up. She then put a blindfold on his eyes and put a vibrator on his penis.

Sarah then began to caress and kiss Cuckold Consul. She took off his underwear and pleasured him with her mouth and hands. She teased him by using her tongue, lips and fingers to bring him to the brink of orgasm. But before he could go over, she would stop and move to a different part of his body. She continued this tantalizing game until he was begging her to let him cum.

Finally, Sarah allowed Cuckold Consul to come and he experienced pleasure like he had never felt before.

After Cuckold Consul had finished, Sarah took off his blindfold, untied him and gave him a towel to clean up. She then invited his wife to come and join them in the bedroom. She explained to his wife that what they were doing was called cuckolding and that it was a form of consensual non-monogamy.

His wife was hesitant at first, but eventually agreed to join in on the fun. Sarah then put on a sexy show for the couple, pleasuring herself with a vibrator and using her hand to make herself cum. Cuckold Consul and his wife watched with admiration and arousal as she pleasured herself.

After the show was over, the couple thanked Sarah for a wonderful experience and said their goodbyes. On the drive home, Cuckold Consul and his wife discussed what happened and how great it was to be able to share an intimate experience like that with another person.

Cuckold Consul and his wife have since visited Sarah multiple times and continue to enjoy the unique experience of cuckolding. Now they feel even more connected with each other because they know that they can still experience new things together.