Crocodile Dundee Transvestite

Crocodile Dundee Transvestite was an unlikely character to travel the country, or even the world, in search of carnal pleasure: a tall, blonde, buff Aussie with a handlebar mustache, usually dressed in a traditional crocodile hunting outfit. But behind a rugged exterior was a carnal vixen with a thing for kinky sex and a taste that ran the gamut—from bondage to threesomes, anything involving leather and lace.

One evening, Dundee decided to journey to the other side of the Atlantic and visit the fabled city of London. With a bit of money and no particular plans, he set out to explore the world-famous fetish scene. Was he in it just for fun? Or, more likely, a more intimate agenda? He had heard all sorts of stories about London’s underground sex scene and was eager to try something new.

So, it was time for him to check out the notorious underground spots, like Soho and Shoreditch. He wasn’t surprised to find that the streets were filled with glossy-haired prostitutes and burly bouncers guarding the entrance to the patrons of the scene. He was even more surprised at the sheer number of transvestites, with their colorful wigs, elaborately designed dresses, and heavy layers of makeup.

He found himself instantly drawn to them and eagerly took a seat in a dive bar, also full of transvestites. He started chatting to a few of them, learning about their lives, their experiences, and their interests. One of them, named Holly, seemed particularly keen to get to know Dundee and their conversation quickly grew flirtatious.

Dundee and Holly soon left the bar and found themselves in a black cab headed to a private residence in Soho. Dundee had no idea what to expect, but was excited to find out what was in store. One thing was certain, Holly wasn’t shy and they started making out in the cab on their way to their destination.

When they arrived, Dundee was pleasantly surprised to find that Holly and her friends ran a secret brothel for transvestites. Inside, he found a selection of professional escorts, dressed in clothing that accentuated their curves. Dundee couldn’t help but gawk at their beauty and was eager to sample what was on offer.

Holly took Dundee by the hand and led him through to the bedroom. She started undressing him, her hands running over his muscular body. She teased him with seductive kisses and whispered dirty words in his ear as she moved down his body. She took his hard cock in her hand and started to expertly stroke it, increasing the pleasure until Dundee was lost in his own world of pleasure.

As Dundee found himself riding the wave of pleasure, Holly took the lead and began to push him further. She pushed him down onto the bed, where she began to lick and suck his body all over, teasing him until his orgasm sent waves of pleasure crashing through him.

Afterwards, Holly guided Dundee back to the lounge area, where he found himself surrounded by beautiful transvestite hookers. He couldn’t help but be drawn in by their beauty and asked Holly if any of them wanted to join him in a threesome.

Holly smiled and said yes, and soon Dundee was in the middle of a wild three-way with two gorgeous trannies. They kissed and touched each other’s bodies, exploring every inch of each other. Then, one of the girls straddled Dundee and started to ride him like a wild animal, as the other girl lovingly licked and sucked his body. The pleasure was too much for Dundee and soon he was in the throes of an explosive orgasm.

It was the perfect end to a wild night, and Dundee was left with an insatiable appetite for more. He hadn’t known what to expect from his trip to London, but he was certainly glad he had undertaken it—it had been a wild success. From then on, he knew he would always enjoy the company of transvestites and the world of pleasure that lay beneath their glossy exterior.