Celebrity Size Queens

Celebrity Size Queens: A Hot and Naughty Tale

The truth is that many celebrities are size queens. They’re not just hungry for fame, but also life’s more decadent pleasures. Because of their immense wealth and influence, many of them can indulge in the most luxurious and wild sexually experiences imaginable. And it isn’t always a fantasy; sometimes, these celebrities are willing and able to turn their fantasies into realities.

This is the story of how two such celebrities went about fulfilling their size queen fantasies.

h2>Procuring an Escort

The first step for these two celebrity size queens was finding the perfect escort. This was to be no ordinary escort; they desired someone with a truly impressive endowment. The search began, and eventually they came across the perfect match: a hottie with a 12-inch cock.

What followed was a long and drawn-out negotiation, as the two celebrities tried to get the best possible deal. Eventually, the escort agreed, and the two set off to fulfill their wildest fantasies.

h2>Kinky Threesome

Once they arrived at the hotel, the two celebrities and their escort wasted no time getting down to business. Clothes were quickly shed, and the threesome began in earnest.

The two celebrities took it in turns to be pleasured by the escort’s enormous endowment. They caressed and sucked on it eagerly, their pussies dripping with arousal as they pleasured themselves with his impressive manhood.

Once satisfied with oral sex, the two celebrities took turns riding the escort. His size was a source of never-ending pleasure as they rode him hard, their bodies trembling with delight as they experienced the full force of his impressive endowment.

h2>Anal Play

After hours of intense oral and vaginal play, the two size queens moved on to the next item on their list: anal. They eagerly lubed up the escort’s manhood and then proceeded to take turns riding him anally.

The escort was more than willing to give them what they wanted. His size filled them completely, and the pleasure was exquisite as they took him in. They moaned in pleasure as he moved in and out of them, their orgasms intensifying with each thrust.

h2>A Climatic Conclusion

The two size queens were in heaven as they experienced unbelievable levels of pleasure. They writhed and moaned, their bodies quivering with delight as they experienced their deepest fantasies.

Finally, when they could take no more, the threesome come to a climatic and explosive conclusion. The two celebrities were completely satisfied, and the escort was more than happy with his payment.


The celebrity size queens got exactly what they wanted. They experienced the pleasure they had only ever dreamed of, and now they are ready to move on to their next conquest. Who knows what wild and naughty fantasies they will fulfill next.