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As we moved to the bedroom, I was surprised at how experienced Rachel was when it came to pleasuring a man. She expertly teased and tantalized me, before taking off her clothes and allowing me to admire her body from head to toe. She then proceeded to use her hands, mouth, and body to bring me to the brink of pleasure more than once.

The sexual intensity and proximity of our bodies during climax was a sensation I’d never experienced before. Afterwards, we lay in my bed and talked, both of us feeling completely satisfied. In the morning we shared breakfast, before Rachel left with a kiss and a promise to meet again soon.

Since that day, I’ve seen Rachel multiple times. Each time is better than the last and has pushed my boundaries a little more. Bridport Escorts has allowed me to explore a side of myself and sexuality I never even knew existed. I’m incredibly thankful for the amazing experience I’ve had so far.