Big Dick Bottom

Big Dick Bottom was always a bit of a loner growing up. With his friends taunting him because of his size, he preferred to spend his time alone and out of the limelight. His size was intimidating and often he felt ostracized and unlikeable because of it.

Little did Big Dick Bottom know that there was something special and attractive about him that he never noticed. He was tall and muscular, and had a huge, thick dick that could easily satisfy any woman’s needs.

One night, Big Dick Bottom went out and ended up in a shady nightclub. There, he was introduced to Jenna, a beautiful, voluptuous hooker who was eager to introduce him to the world of pleasure.

Jenna was the perfect escort for Big Dick Bottom. She knew how to please a man and she enjoyed teasing and pleasing Big Dick Bottom’s huge cock. She took her time, licking and sucking on it until he was moaning in pleasure. He never knew a woman could make him feel so good.

After an hour of Jenna’s expert lips and tongue, she pulled away and invited Big Dick Bottom to take her to her room. She led him toward the back of the club, down a dimly lit hallway, and into her room.

The room was dark, but Big Dick Bottom could make out a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand. In the corner was a bedside table with a bottle of lube, condoms, and lubricant. Jenna invited Big Dick Bottom onto the bed and proceeded to demonstrate her years of experience in the pleasure arts.

Jenna started off by straddling him, taking him in her hand and stroking his big dick. She used her tongue to tickle the underside and shaft of it, licking and slurping on it. She moved up to his head, teasing and licking it before finally taking it into her mouth.

With her experienced hands, she guided Big Dick Bottom’s cock back and forth as she sucked. She seemed to be enjoying it as much as he was, and she used every bit of her tongue to massage and lick its entire length. Big Dick Bottom groaned in pleasure, beginning to take control of the situation.

He pushed Jenna onto her back and began to rub her clit with one hand while exploring her body with the other. Jenna’s body was a map of sensations and it was easy for Big Dick Bottom to find hidden spots that made her moan in pleasure.

He then flipped her over, pushing her onto her stomach and exploring her body with his hands and lips. As he moved down her spine, he teased and licked her tight ass before finally pushing his way inside her.

Big Dick Bottom moved his hips back and forth as he explored her tight pussy. Every time he went deeper or faster, Jenna would moan in pleasure – and each moan seemed to drive Big Dick Bottom deeper into ecstasy.

No longer able to take it, Big Dick Bottom exploded inside Jenna, spilling his seed into her as she moaned in pleasure. As they lay exhausted and spent after their passionate tryst, Big Dick Bottom realized he had found what he had been missing all his life – the perfect match.

Little did he know that this night would change his life forever. From then on, Big Dick Bottom and Jenna were an unstoppable sex trio of pleasure, exploring and enjoying new heights every time they met.