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Once upon a time there was a married couple, Tony and Elizabeth, who had been together for many years. They had a wonderful relationship, but they were both craving something new. One day they decided to take a risk and try something that they had never done before, they decided to go to a local brothel and hire an escort.

Tony and Elizabeth had heard about these types of services, but they had never been brave enough to actually try it. They were both a little bit nervous, but the idea excited them. They arrived at the brothel, and after speaking to the woman running the place, they chose an escort. Her name was Heather, and she looked stunning. Her curves, her long dark hair and her sultry eyes were more than enough to make Tony and Elizabeth even more excited to have her come back with them to their house.

Once they got back, Tony and Elizabeth closed the door and locked it. Heather seemed to know what to do and she started kissing Tony passionately and then she took off his clothes and then hers. She started to kiss and lick on his body all over and it drove him wild. He loved the feeling of her soft skin against his, and it made his heart beat faster and faster.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth couldn’t wait to get her turn. She watched as Heather and Tony were getting closer and closer to each other, and then Heather motioned for Elizabeth to come over. Elizabeth got closer and Heather started to kiss her as well. She couldn’t believe how passionate it felt, and it was even better than she had imagined.

After they finished making out, Heather asked them to lay down and she stroked their bodies with her hands. She then put oil on her hands and started giving them both a sensual massage. She rubbed their bodies all over and Tony and Elizabeth both moaned in pleasure.

When Heather was finished, she started to undress Tony and then Elizabeth. She put her hands on their bodies and caressed them all over, sending shockwaves of pleasure through their bodies. She asked them to get on the bed, and put her hand between Tony’s legs. He was already aroused, and as she touched him he gasped in pleasure.

Heather started to use her lips and tongue to lick, suck and kiss Tony’s body all over. He was so turned on and he felt like he could come any moment. She then moved down to his manhood and started to perform the most incredible oral sex of his life. He felt like he wanted to come right away, but Heather kept teasing him, licking and sucking him until he couldn’t take it anymore. He shouted out and came hard.

Meanwhile, Heather had moved over to Elizabeth and was licking and sucking her body as well. Elizabeth was also enjoying the sensations, and it wasn’t long before she had an intense orgasm. After their bodies stopped trembling in pleasure, Heather asked Tony to lay down on his back and Elizabeth to lay on top of him.

Heather started to lick and suck Tony’s manhood and then Elizabeth lay on top of him, with her back facing him. Heather asked Tony to slide his manhood in between Elizabeth’s legs and he obliged. Slowly, he started to thrust in and out of Elizabeth, and she loved every second of it.

Heather continued to lick and suck Tony, and eventually Beth started to moan and scream with pleasure. Finally, Tony could feel his climax coming and he shouted out and came with intense pleasure. Elizabeth joined in and they both released a powerful orgasm together.

After they all came, the three of them lay in a pile, breathing heavily. They had just experienced something that Tony and Elizabeth had never had before, and they both knew that they would never forget it.

From that day on, Tony and Elizabeth kept visiting the same brothel, whenever they wanted to experience something new and exciting. They loved exploring each other’s bodies with a third person, and they knew that they were going to keep coming back for more.