Angry Sex Anal Sex

Angry Anal Sex – An Erotic Story

It was a day like any other. I woke up, got ready for work, and went about my day. Little did I know that it would be the start of something that I would never forget.

I had been working hard all day. My job was physically demanding and I was exhausted. I just wanted to go home and relax. As I drove home, I felt my mood start to shift. I was becoming angry. It was an emotion that I hadn’t felt in a while, and I found myself getting angrier and angrier.

My anger soon turned to lust. I wanted something more than just a night alone. I wanted to feel something. I wanted to get out all of the anger that was pent up inside of me. I wanted to have angry sex.

I decided to go to a local brothel. I had been there before and I knew that I could trust them and that they would provide me with a safe, discreet environment. I arrived at the brothel and I was pleased to see that they had a selection of gorgeous women. I chose one that I liked and I paid for her services.

She led me to a private room and we started to get undressed. I began to caress her body and I could tell that she was getting aroused. I started to kiss her passionately and then I pushed her onto the bed. We started to make love, with me on top. I was filled with a wild passion and I started to thrust harder and harder.

The sex was amazing. I felt like I was in control and it was incredibly satisfying. I started to become rougher and I started to spank her ass. She moaned as I smacked her harder and harder. I then started to experiment with different positions and I soon found myself pushing her onto her stomach.

I wanted to try something new, something that I had never done before. I wanted to try anal sex. I asked her if she would be willing to let me try it and she agreed.

I grabbed some lubricant and I applied it to her ass. I then started to enter her slowly and I could feel her tightness as I pushed deeper and deeper. She moaned with pleasure and I started to thrust faster and faster. I grabbed her hips and I started to pound her harder and harder. I could feel her pleasure increasing and I could feel my own pleasure intensifying.

The orgasm was incredible. We both screamed out in pleasure and I collapsed onto her. I felt a sense of satisfaction like I had never felt before. I thanked her for the experience and I paid her for her services.

As I walked out of the brothel, I realized that I had just experienced something incredible. I had just experienced angry anal sex and it was something that I would never forget.