And Mother Makes Three

Mother Makes Three: An Erotic Sex Story

Chloe had been married to her husband for three years, but the passion and spark that had been so present during their courtship had all but disappeared. She found herself daydreaming of having a threesome, something that could bring back the fire and electricity that seemed to be lost. She began to search for a third partner and quickly stumbled across a website called “Mystery Escorts”, a website that promised the perfect threesome experience.

Chloe was immediately drawn to the mystery escort, an attractive but mysterious woman who called herself “Lola”. She had read several glowing reviews of Lola and decided to take the plunge, booking a private meeting with her at a secluded hotel on the outskirts of town.

When Chloe arrived at the hotel, she was surprised to find Lola already waiting in the lobby. As they made their way to the room, Chloe felt her heart rate quicken with anticipation. Once inside, Lola pulled Chloe close and began to kiss her passionately, her soft lips sending shivers down Chloe’s spine.

As their kiss deepened, Lola’s hands began to roam Chloe’s body, exploring every inch of her curves. The sensation was electrifying and Chloe found herself moaning with pleasure. Lola’s fingers expertly found their way between Chloe’s legs, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

Chloe felt like she was on the edge of an orgasm, but before she could reach her climax, Lola switched her attention to Chloe’s husband. She pulled him close and kissed him passionately, her hands exploring every inch of his body. Chloe watched in awe as the two embraced, feeling a thrill coursing through her body.

The trio shifted positions, Chloe straddling Lola as she explored her body. The sensation was unbelievable and before long Chloe was gasping for breath, her orgasm cascading over her body. Lola and Chloe’s husband watched with delight, their own pleasure building as they watched her reach her peak.

Finally, with their pleasure reaching its peak, the trio joined together in a passionate threesome, their bodies melding together as they explored each other. Chloe felt like she was in a dream, the pleasure overwhelming her senses as they moved and writhed together.

Eventually, their passion subsided and the three of them lay spent in each other’s arms. They had found something special and unique in each other, something that Chloe could never have expected when she booked the room. They lay together in contentment, feeling a warmth and connection that they hadn’t felt in years.

Chloe had found her spark again, and it was due in no small part to the woman who had come to be known as “Mother Makes Three”.