Amica Bentley Escort

Amica Bentley Escort – The X-Rated Story of a Hot and Sexy Escort

Amica Bentley was a top-tier escort who had been working in the adult entertainment business for a few years already. She had a great figure, long legs, and a beautiful face that could easily make your heart skip a beat. Amica was so incredibly confident and sophisticated that almost every client she had was captivated. This made her one of the most successful and sought-after escorts in the business.

Today, Amica had an appointment with one of her high-profile clients. He was an extremely wealthy businessman who had a lot of influence in the city. She was determined to make a great impression and give him an unforgettable experience.

Amica arrived at the hotel some minutes before her appointment. She was wearing a red dress that showed off her curves and a pair of heels to add a few extra inches to her height. She greeted the client at the entrance and went up to the suite together.

The suite was luxurious and everything was in it’s place. Amica and her client were both a little bit nervous. He offered her a glass of champagne to help her settle in and they began to talk. Amica told him about her experience as an escort, a few of her favorite clients and some of the wildest requests she ever received.

After a few drinks, it was time to move on to more intimate activities. Amica and her client went to the bedroom, where she started to undress. She was wearing some sexy lingerie that made her look even more attractive. Her client was already aroused and couldn’t wait to touch her. She used her body to tantalize him, caressing his skin in all the right places and making sure he felt completely comfortable and relaxed.

After some time, they moved on to the massage part. Amica was a professional masseuse and her techniques were incredible. She gave him a full body massage, focusing on some of the most erogenous zones. Her touch was gentle and sensual, leaving no area unturned.

At the end of the massage, Amica used her body to provide her client with the ultimate pleasure. She used her hands, mouth and other body parts to bring him to heights of pleasure he had never experienced before. After the intense session, both Amica and her client felt completely satisfied and relaxed.

Amica packed her things and left the suite, feeling satisfied with her work. It was clear that her client had an amazing experience and he would definitely be coming back for more.

Amica Bentley was one of the most talented and experienced escorts in the business, and she had plenty more to offer. Her clients knew that, when they booked her, they were going to have one of the most amazing and unforgettable experiences of their lives.