Addicted To Anal

Addicted To Anal: A Naughty Journey Of Exploration

It seemed like a dream come true. After weeks of searching, I had finally found the perfect girl to fulfill my wildest fantasies. Her name was Lily, and she was an escort. She was a stunningly beautiful blonde with curves that could make any man weak at the knees. But what made her so special to me was her openness to trying new things, including my most secret and taboo pleasure – anal sex.

From the moment I met Lily, I knew that she was the perfect partner for exploring my kinky desires. Our first night together was an instantaneous chemistry that sparked a journey of exploration and delight. We started off slowly, with gentle kissing and caressing. Soon, however, we were unable to contain ourselves as our budding passion ignited a fiery lust that could not be contained.

It wasn’t long before we turned our attention to the bedroom. Lily wasted no time in stripping off her clothes and lying down so that I could take in the sight of her gorgeous body. My hands explored every inch of her body, and soon my mouth joined in. I licked, nibbled, and kissed her body until she was begging for more.

As I teased her with my mouth and fingers, I could feel her arousal intensifying. Soon, she was ready for the next step of our exploration. I eased her onto her back and spread her legs, gazing with delight at her wet pussy glistening with arousal. As I licked and sucked her eager clit, she squirmed and moaned beneath me, pushing against my mouth in an effort to intensify her pleasure.

Once she was on the brink of orgasm, I moved my attention away from her pussy and focused instead on her tight little asshole. I rimmed and teased until I could feel her desire boiling over. When I finally inserted my finger, she gasped and screamed in pleasure. I continued exploring her asshole with my finger until she was panting and begging for more.

It was then that I finally revealed my true desire. I asked her to let me penetrate her with my penis, and to my surprise, she agreed. We took it slow, with me gradually pushing deeper and deeper into her tight entrance. As I thrust and moved, I could feel her pleasure intensifying until she finally reached her peak and came screaming in bliss.

At that moment, I knew that Lily had become my addiction. From then on, every time we were together, we indulged in our passion for anal pleasure. We explored every kinky position imaginable, pushing our boundaries further and further each time. Lily even took me to a brothel and taught me how to pleasure a prostitute in the same way.

Now, I’m completely and utterly addicted to anal pleasure. There’s nothing like it – the incredible tightness, the intense pleasure, and the deep connection it creates between two people. It’s an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything – my ultimate guilty pleasure.