A Naughty Niece

Naughty Niece: A Steamy Erotic Sex Story

Heading 1: Naughty Niece Gets Ready for a Night of Passion

Alice had never been so excited in her life. She was about to spend an evening with her favorite aunt, and the thought of it made her tingle with anticipation. She had been looking forward to this night for weeks, and it was finally here.

Alice had been dreaming of her aunt since she was just a young girl. She had always loved spending time with her, and the sexual tension between them was palpable. She had always wanted to explore that with her, but had never been brave enough to say anything.

But tonight, she was going to make her move.

Alice took a long shower, washing her body with scented soap and rinsing off the day’s stress. She carefully shaved her legs, wanting to make sure that everything was perfect for her aunt. When she was finished, she carefully dried and styled her hair, wanting to make sure that she looked her best.

Once she was ready, she slipped into something a little more suggestive. She chose a slinky black dress that showed off her curves, and added a few pieces of jewelry to complete the look. She put on her favorite pair of stilettos and headed out the door.

Heading 2: Naughty Niece Gets Hot and Heavy with Aunt

Alice arrived at her aunt’s house and was immediately greeted by her aunt with a passionate kiss. Alice could feel the heat radiating off of her aunt, and she couldn’t help but respond in kind. The kiss quickly turned into something more, as the two of them explored each other’s bodies with eager hands.

Alice’s aunt ran her hands over Alice’s curves, exploring every inch of her body. She took her time, taking in every detail and savoring the moment. Alice felt like she was on fire as her aunt’s hands moved lower and lower, until she finally found her sweet spot.

Alice gasped in pleasure as her aunt’s fingers skillfully played with her most sensitive areas. She gasped and moaned, lost in the pleasure of the moment. Her aunt was gentle yet intense, pushing her body to its limits and beyond.

Alice felt herself getting even hotter as her aunt’s hands moved lower, until finally reaching her most intimate spot. She gasped in pleasure as her aunt’s fingers found her clit and began to tease and tantalize her. She felt like she was going to burst as her aunt worked her body into a frenzy.

Alice’s aunt then moved up and began to kiss her neck and shoulders as she teased and pleasured Alice. Alice could feel her own body trembling with pleasure, and her aunt could feel it too. Her aunt then took Alice’s hand and guided it down to her own intimate area and began to show Alice how to pleasure her.

Alice was amazed at the sensations that her aunt was bringing out in her, and she eagerly complied with her aunt’s instructions. She soon found herself lost in the pleasure, as her aunt expertly guided her hands to bring her to the brink of orgasm.

Heading 3: Naughty Niece Experiences Intense Orgasm

Alice could feel her entire body shaking as her aunt worked her into a state of pure pleasure. She felt like she was going to explode as the orgasm grew closer and closer. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, her aunt brought her over the edge and Alice felt herself erupt in an intense wave of pleasure.

Alice lay there afterwards, completely spent and overwhelmed with pleasure. She felt her aunt’s arms around her, holding her close and reassuring her that everything was alright. Alice melted into her aunt’s embrace and drifted off into a deep sleep.

When she awoke the next morning, Alice was surprised to find that her aunt was still by her side. She looked up at her aunt and smiled, feeling the love that the two of them shared. Alice couldn’t believe what had happened the night before, and she was already looking forward to their next date.

Alice knew that she had a naughty side that she wanted to explore, and she was grateful to have found someone to do it with. She was looking forward to the many naughty nights of pleasure yet to come with her aunt.