A Naughty Nannys Special Service

Naughty Nanny’s Special Service

He had heard about the naughty nannys special service, but he had never been brave enough to try it. Until now. He had been working too hard lately, and he needed a break. A big one. He had seen an advertisement for the special service and thought he may as well give it a shot.

He called the number and waited with anticipation. After a few moments, a husky female voice answered.

“Hello, this is Naughty Nanny. How may I help you?”

He nervously explained what he was looking for: a naughty and naughty night of pleasure. She giggled and said,

“I think I can help you with that! I’m a professional escort and I specialize in providing naughty services. What would you like me to do for you tonight?”

He gulped and said,

“I’d like you to give me a night of pleasure that I won’t soon forget. I want it to be naughty, kinky, and erotic. Can you do that?”

She smirked and said,

“Of course I can! I specialize in providing the most naughty and kinky services. Let’s get started!”

He was taken aback by her confidence and excitement, and he could already feel his heart rate increasing.

She arrived at his apartment in a cab, and he was in awe of her beauty. She had long dark hair, lush curves, and her eyes spoke of both innocence and wickedness. He quickly let her in and she wasted no time in getting to work.

She began by giving him a sensual massage that made him feel like he was floating on a cloud. She was gentle and yet strong, and her hands seemed to find all the knots in his body and work them out of existence.

After the massage, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. She tasted so sweet and her tongue seemed to dance around his. She then proceeded to tantalize his body with her hands, exploring every inch of him.

Soon she had his trousers undone and was licking and sucking his manhood, sending waves of pleasure crashing through his body. She then flipped him onto his back and was soon straddling him, her wet pussy pressing against him.

He moaned in pleasure as she rode him, faster and faster. Her tightness was almost unbearable and every thrust seemed to bring him closer and closer to orgasm. Just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore, she dug her nails into his shoulders and let out a loud moan as she succumbed to her own pleasure.

He soon followed her into orgasmic bliss, and the two of them lay there for a few moments, trying to catch their breath.

The naughty nanny had certainly kept her promise and given him a night of pleasure that he wouldn’t soon forget. He thanked her for her services and sent her off with a generous tip.

The next day, he realized that he certainly wasn’t the same man who had hired the naughty nanny’s special service. He felt relaxed, confident, and alive. He knew that he would be back for more.