A Merry Spanking Christmas Eve

A Merry Spanking Christmas Eve

It was the night before Christmas and Ethan was feeling a bit naughty. His girlfriend, Alexa, had been hinting for weeks about how she wanted something a little different for their Christmas Eve festivities, and he was determined to make her wish come true. He had arranged for them to spend the evening in a private room at a local brothel, and he was eager to try out something new and exciting.

When Ethan and Alexa arrived at the brothel, they were greeted by a stunningly beautiful woman named Abigail. She ushered them into their private room, where she offered them an array of different services. Ethan was a bit nervous, but Alexa was eager to try something new and she jumped right in.

First, Abigail began by giving them a sensual massage. Ethan and Alexa’s body’s were soothed and relaxed by her gentle hands and the feel of her warm skin against their own. They felt as though they were melting into the massage table, and all of their worries faded away.

Once they were relaxed, Abigail moved on to giving them a thorough spanking. She started off lightly, gently smacking their buttocks in a playful manner. But as the spanking went on, she increased the intensity, and Ethan and Alexa felt their desire grow with each smack. By the time Abigail had finished, Ethan and Alexa were both aroused and in the mood for more.

Abigail then moved on to giving them a steamy blowjob. She teased their mouths with her tongue and lips, and Ethan and Alexa felt as though they were in ecstasy. They moaned in pleasure as she went deeper and deeper until they were both trembling in pleasure.

Finally, Abigail asked if they wanted to try something even more naughty. She then proceeded to tie Ethan and Alexa up, using a rope and other assorted bondage items. Once they were secured, she teased and tantalized them with a variety of different toys and tools. The sensation was overwhelming, and both Ethan and Alexa felt as though they were out of control.

After several hours of intense pleasure, Ethan and Alexa collapsed together in a sweat-soaked mess. They thanked Abigail for the amazing evening, and she wished them both a Merry Spanking Christmas Eve. They then strolled out of the brothel, feeling more in love than ever before.

As they walked home, Ethan and Alexa discussed their new found love for kink, and decided that this would become their new favorite way to spice up their relationship.

They celebrated the night with passionate love-making, and every once in a while, they still like to visit the brothel and enjoy a steamy session of Merry Spanking Christmas Eve.