A Little Bit Of Rough

A Little Bit of Rough: A Wild and Steamy Story of Lust and Passion

It was a typical night at the club. The music was blaring, the people were dancing, and the drinks were flowing. In one corner, there was a group of people who were engaging in a rather raunchy display of foreplay.

But for Madison, this was just another night out. After all, she was used to being surrounded by people who were interested in engaging in a little bit of rough sex.

Madison had always enjoyed the thrill of exploring her sexuality and pushing her boundaries with her partners. She had no qualms about engaging in activities that most people would consider risqué or taboo.

In fact, she got off on it.

So when she saw a particularly handsome stranger across the room, she couldn’t help but feel an instant connection. He had an air of mystery and danger about him that intrigued her.

Before she knew it, they were making out in the corner and engaging in a passionate exchange of tongues. The heat between the two of them was almost palpable and she couldn’t help but let out a few moans as he grabbed her ass and pressed his body against hers.

Madison knew what she wanted and she was determined to get it. She wanted a night of pure pleasure, and she was more than ready to take it.

The next thing she knew, they were in a cab and heading towards his place. It was late, but the energy between them was so strong that neither of them could resist the urge to explore each other.

When they arrived at his place, which was an upscale penthouse apartment, Madison didn’t hesitate to strip down and let him take control. He kissed her body all over, exploring every inch of her until she was moaning with pleasure.

He grabbed her ass hard and pulled her even closer to him. He was rough and passionate, and it felt amazing. Madison was in heaven as he continued to ravish her body, pushing her limits and making her even more aroused.

Finally, they both let go and they both came at the same time. It was an intense orgasm that left them both panting and weak in the aftermath.

But Madison wasn’t done yet. She wanted more and she wanted it now. She asked her new lover to spank her, to slap her and to bite her. He complied, and she reveled in the sensations that it brought her.

Finally, they both collapsed in a sweaty heap and Madison felt more alive than ever. This was the kind of night that she had been dreaming of, and now that it had happened, she wanted to do it all over again.

As they talked about what had just happened, Madison’s new lover revealed that he was an escort. She was shocked at first, but then realized that it was the perfect way for her to explore her fantasies without having to worry about judgement or repercussions.

The next night, Madison returned to the penthouse apartment and the escort service. She was ready to explore her sexuality even further, and her new lover was more than happy to oblige.

This time, there were no limits. They explored each other with a hunger and intensity that neither had ever experienced before. Madison was able to do things that she had only ever dreamed of, and she loved every second of it.

They explored different styles of domination and submission and Madison found her enjoyment of rough sex only grew with each experience. There was no shame and no judgement, only pure pleasure and satisfaction.

Madison returned to the escort service multiple times in the following weeks and months and each time, the experience was different, but equally as thrilling. She was able to take her exploration of rough sex to the next level, and reach heights that she never thought possible.

Madison had found her passion and there was no turning back.

A Little Bit of Rough had become her favorite pastime, and she looked forward to her visits with her new lover each week. They explored each other’s bodies, pushed their boundaries, and experienced pleasure like never before.

Madison had found her calling, and she was never looking back.