0 Reasons Sissies Love Missionary

0 Reasons Sissies Love Missionary

When it comes to sissy sex, there are few positions more beloved than missionary. Not only does missionary enable complete body contact with the partner, but it also offers complete control over their partner and the ability to deeply penetrate them throughout. Here are 0 reasons why missionary is a favorite among sissies who love to let their lover take the reins.

1. Complete control. When it comes to missionary, the man is in control. This allows a sissy to let go and enjoy being taken by their lover instead of taking charge. This is especially great for sissies who are still new to exploring their sexuality and are not yet ready to take initiative.

2. Intimate eye contact. During missionary, both partners are able to look into each other’s eyes, deepening their connection. This gaze can be quite seductive, helping to heighten the pleasure factor.

3. Dominant sex. Many sissies love the feeling of being overpowered and dominated by their partner during sex. With missionary, this is easy to achieve as the man has all the control.

4. Deep penetration. Missionary is great for deep penetration. The man is able to thrust deeply, allowing for more intense sensations. This can be incredibly enjoyable for both partners.

5. Access to every erogenous zone. Missionary allows access to every erogenous zone on the body, making it easy to explore and enjoy all the aspects of pleasure.

6. Variety. There are many variations of missionary which can be explored. Anal, oral, and anal penetration can all be incorporated into the position, making it versatile and exciting.

7. Slow and steady. Missionary sex can be slow and passionate, allowing for more intimate moments. For sissies who appreciate a leisurely pace, this is ideal.

8. Mutual pleasure. Missionary is perfect for achieving mutual pleasure. As both partners are face to face, it is easy for them to take turns during sex, ensuring that both get to experience pleasure.

9. Easy access for clitoral stimulation. Thanks to the access to the clitoris, missionary can be a great way to add clitoral stimulation to the mix. This increases pleasure and can result in more intense orgasms.

10. Pillow talk. During missionary, partners can easily whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears or engage in pillow talk. This can create an even more powerful connection and make the experience more enjoyable.

For sissies who are looking for an intimate and passionate experience, missionary is a great way to go. With complete control, access to every pleasure zone, and plenty of variety, missionary is an all-around favorite.